Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!
The LGBTQ+ student association of Amsterdam.

Sister Associations

Er zijn meerdere LHBTQ+-studentenverenigingen in ons land. Wij vormen een verband, namelijk het Interstedelijk Queer Studentennetwerk (IQSN). Samen zijn we goed voor wel 1200 studenten! Hieronder stellen we onze zusterverenigingen kort aan je voor.


Dito! is Nijmegen's very own LGBTQ+-youth organisation. It's a place where all LGBTQ+ youth can feel welcome, meet new people and find their place in the community. A lot of our regulars are students, but everyone under 28 is welcome at Dito! Besides organising borrels, parties, activities and other friendly fun, Dito! finds it important to be socially engaged. Our main goal is that the city of Nijmegen can be a place for everyone to be themselves.


Youth and Student Association Exaltio was founded in 2016 and offers a place for all young LGBTQ+ people of 18 until 28 years in Enschede. Every other week we host our regular drinks in Café Stonewall, which have an open and relaxed vibe. Besides the drinks, we also organise various activities such as movie nights and game nights. At J&SV Exaltio we make sure that there’s a spot for everyone, because there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself.


Ganymedes is your go-to association for LGBTQ+ students in Groningen. For 10 years we’ve been organising drinks, parties and other activities, sometimes for pure unadulterated fun and sometimes a little more educational. Do you wanna come take a look? We can be found at our socials every Thursday, at either Tram13 or Bar de Rits.


Outsite is our sister from Delft. They are a youth and student association from Delft. They meet every Thursday at Outsite on the Lange Geer 22.

U.H.S.V. Anteros

U.H.S.V. Anteros is the LGBTQ+ student association of Utrecht. The Anterians organise a borrel every week, and futhermore this association of nearly 200 members organise parties and other fun activities. A.S.V.Gay and Anteros usually organise a couple of activities per year together, such as fantastic parties, pub crawls and trips. U.H.S.V. Anteros will ensure you have an active and rich student experience, as they organise at least one extra activity every week, aside from their weekly borrel at the Body Talk.

Website: uhsv-anteros.nl


Vitruvian is our sister association from Tilburg. They are a relatively young LHBTQ+-association founded in 2014. Since then they have been organizing great events! Every other week they have a drinks night at Café Peanuts starting at 21:30.

Website: vitruviantilburg.nl