Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!
The LGBTQ+ student association of Amsterdam.

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Becoming a member of A.S.V.Gay will be possible again from August!

👋 Lid worden van A.S.V.Gay

Je hebt je diploma op zak, je staat ingeschreven bij een onderwijsinstelling en bent nu op zoek naar een leuke plek waar je je vrije uren door kunt brengen. Lees hieronder snel verder wie wij zijn, wat we doen en wat je zelf uit een lidmaatschap kunt halen!

📭 Veelgestelde vragen

Ben je benieuwd naar hoeveel het lidmaatschap kost, wanneer onze open borrels zijn of hoe je makkelijk mee kunt gaan naar een activiteit? Kijk dan snel op onze pagina met de veelgestelde vragen! Staat je vraag er niet tussen? Stuur dan een e-mail naar hello@asvgay.nl.

Becoming a member of a student association ensures that you are not just studying, but that you're also actually a student. You're still settling in Amsterdam and all kinds of new experiences are coming your way. Naturally you want to make new friends as quickly as possible so you can share the joys and sorrows of the Amsterdam (student) life. The fastest way to do this is by joining a student association. But why then become a member of A.S.V.Gay?

🌈 Becoming an A.S.V.Gayer

The A.S.V.Gay membership completes your student experience. Nowhere else will you find this fantastic combination of the student life and other great LGBTQ+ people. With over 300 members, A.S.V.Gay has grown to be one of the largest social student associations of Amsterdam in less than 10 years. As the name suggests, fun and entertainment are some of our priorities. In addition we also offer you the possibility to build a social as well as a professional network. You get to know all kinds of different new people, which has gotten the students who preceded you many opportunities later on in their careers.

🎉 Parties, borrels and activities

Throughout the year, the board and our 17 committees organise various activities. Because our members all have different interests, there is something for everyone: from ice skating to the annual Pride symposium, from a weekend to Belgium to a midweek to Italy, from playing pool to our Sensation Pink parties! It doesn't matter which activity you have or have not participated in, every Wednesday all our members gather at our weekly borrel in the Amstel Fifty Four to catch up while enjoying a drink (beer, wine, soft drinks € 1.50).

💼 Self-development

Of course there's more to A.S.V.Gay than just parties, borrels and building a large social network! At A.S.V.Gay you can develop yourself and learn what lectures do not offer you:

  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Management

Perhaps you already know how to design, how to organise events, or you're already a great programmer. Or maybe you have always wanted to learn these things. A.S.V.Gay's wide range of different committees, such as the party committee, the travel committee and the website committee offer you the opportunity to do this! In addition, there is the option of doing a board year if you would like to convert your love for the association into a wonderful point on your resume.

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ and student

The experience of being LGBTQ+ is different for everyone, but no matter if your experience is easy or difficult, being able to share this experience with people who understand what you're going through is a relief for many of us. You can talk to people about your coming out and you don't have to explain much when it comes to your sexuality or gender identity. A.S.V.Gay offers LGBTQ+ students recognition and the feeling of being welcome somewhere that other associations often cannot offer you like A.S.V.Gay can. Because our members feel at home at A.S.V.Gay and feel like they are accepted for who they are, their student experience is all the better for it!

📚 A.S.V.Gay and studying

A.S.V.Gay doesn't have any compulsory activities or hazing, takes exam periods into account while scheduling activities and our members often study together. You do not have to worry that being a member of A.S.V.Gay will cause you not to earn enough credits.

Schaatsen | 2019
Sensation Pink Vol. II | 2019
Milano | 2019