Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Als je agenda met alle algemene A.S.V.Gay-activiteiten nog niet vol zit, dan kun je lid worden van een van onze mooie gezelschappen.

Our clubs

Clubs meet several times a month for activities. These activities are very diverse, so find out below what exactly each club entails!

🌉 The Bridge

We are the Bridge: the international-minded club of A.S.V.Gay! Read on

The Bridge | Logo

🎲 Chaotic Queers

We are Chaotic Queers: the Dungeons & Dragons club of A.S.V.Gay! Read on

Chaotic Queers | Logo

🏛 Philia

We are Philia: the cultural social club of A.S.V.Gay! Read on

Logo Philia

🎵 The Rhapsodies

We are The Rhapsodies, the music club of A.S.V.Gay! Read on

The Rhapsodies - logo

🏳️‍🌈 Trans+

We're Trans+, the club for the transgender, non-binary, gender-questioning, and gender non-conforming members of A.S.V.Gay! Read on

FINAL Trans+ Logo - black | 2019

🍻 Z.O.O.S.

We are Z.O.O.S.: the traditional club of A.S.V.Gay! Read on