Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!


🧑‍🎓 AKvV

The Amsterdam Chamber of Associations strives for connection and cohesion between the 25 different student associations in Amsterdam and thus indirectly between 10,000 students. The AKvV stands up directly and indirectly for the political, informative and organisational interests of its member associations. A.S.V.Gay is a member association of the AKvV.

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The ASVA Student Union is the largest student advocate in Amsterdam. ASVA stands up for all 100,000 Amsterdam students, from both the UvA and the HvA. Does a student need a bicycle or a room? ASVA arranges it! Moreover, students can ask ASVA for legal assistance if they need legal advice. They also offer various courses on a wide range of subjects. A.S.V.Gay is a member of the ASVA.

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🏳️‍🌈 IQSN

The interurban queer student network (IQSN) is an association of the six LHBTQ+ student associations of the Netherlands. The aim of this network is to promote and make its member associations visible. Currently, the IQSN consists of the following associations: Dito!, Exaltio, Ganymedes, Outsite, U.H.S.V. Anteros, A.S.V.Gay.

🌈 Youth Pride

Youth Pride is a committee of Pride Amsterdam. This committee is a collaboration of 17 different youth organizations, including A.S.V.Gay. The young people are the Pride carriers of the future and will have to continue Pride Amsterdam. The goal of the Youth Pride committee is to give young people a platform where they can be themselves regardless of origin, orientation, gender, age, skin color or religion.

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