Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Looking to get actively involved in A.S.V.Gay? With 19 diverse committees, there's something for everyone! Whether you want to organize activities or focus on a specific task, like taking photos or creating the yearbook -there's always something fun to do.


They are all about sponsors and win-win situations! The committee brainstorms new campaigns and assists the Commissioner External Affairs in forging partnerships. From Pride boats to theme borrels, they help keep A.S.V.Gay financially healthy. Read on


For those with organizational talent and a passion for fun. From culture to sports, and even a 'gezellig' Christmas dinner. Turn every activity into a hit together and keep A.S.V.Gay's calendar full. Read on

Current Affairs

They keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the LGBTQ+ community. Make your voice heard in discussion evenings or marches, organize relevant events, and stay current. From symposiums to movie nights to a lottery borrel, they make something beautiful together. Read on


Cheers to you! They make our weekly borrels and theme borrels unforgettable. From decorations to PowerPoint presentations to playlists, they make having drinks at A.S.V.Gay extra special. Read on


Are you passionate about empowerment within the LGBTQ+ community? From workshops on consent to STIs and drug use, they focus on providing tools for personal growth and safety. Educate, inspire, and make a lasting impact.


New to A.S.V.Gay? Then this might be your group. They dedicate themselves to giving their fellow first-year members a warm welcome. Alongside a member who has been active for a longer time, they organize low-key activities to get to know the association and its members. Read on


From glamorous galas to bustling Pride parties, they ensure every event becomes unforgettable for both members and external guests. No drink is too outrageous for them, and a party never seems to end. Our members will lack for nothing. Read more


They capture the magic during A.S.V.Gay activities. Snapping the wildest photos at the most unexpected moments and twisting into the strangest angles to get that perfect shot. Afterwards, they sort the funniest from the most embarrassing. Read on


They gather stories, photos, and interviews to create a yearbook that highlights every aspect of the association year. They get creative to craft a time capsule of a fantastic year at A.S.V.Gay, one that can be looked back on with joy for many years to come. Read on

Financial Audit

As the watchdogs of A.S.V.Gay's financial integrity, they ensure that every penny is spent responsibly. They monitor the functioning of the Treasurer, operate independently from the board, and report directly to the General Members Meeting (GMM). Read on


They offer new members one of their first great experiences within the association. They do this by organizing biannual introduction weeks full of activities that introduce new members to the association, the city, and student life. Read on


We don't do hazing, but Ontrozing! This committee organizes a biannual unforgettable introduction weekend filled with games, parties, relays, open mic, and more. The goal? To make new members feel at home quickly within A.S.V.Gay. Read on


As the LGBTQ+ student association in Amsterdam, A.S.V.Gay can't be missed in the Amsterdam Canal Parade. The committee ensures not just a stunning boat, but also a flawless organization, from theme to dress code. Read on


Indispensable for the growth of A.S.V.Gay, they bring our name to the attention of potential new members. They stand ready with enthusiasm at information stands at introduction markets of educational institutions, organize open activities and borrels, distribute promotional materials, and much more. Read on


From exciting city trips to adventurous weekends, they offer members the chance to get to know both the world and each other better. Our trips are legendary and range from nearby to far away. Read on


They ensure a lasting connection between the association and its alumni by organizing various activities, including borrels, a party, and a barbecue. Read on


Ready to stretch both your physical and team spirit muscles? The Sports Committee is there for everyone looking for the perfect balance between sports and social activities within A.S.V.Gay.

Confidential Advisers

They ensure a safe environment within A.S.V.Gay by offering a listening ear. They also organize borrel and activity buddies to meet up with (potential) new members before the drinks if there's a need for it. Read on


As the digital calling card of A.S.V.Gay, an up-to-date and user-friendly website is crucial. They are responsible for updating texts and photos, and also work hard on the technical side of the website. Read on