Friends of A.S.V.Gay

De Regenboog Groep

De Regenboog Groep LHBTQ+-buddy’s!

De Regenboog Groep supports LGBTQ+ people with psychological or psychiatric problems in social isolation through the use of buddies. This support can take place in different areas of life: preventing social isolation, engaging in activities, building or strengthening a network, offering assistance with reading letters or doing the administration. In addition, buddies help LGBTQ+ refugees with integration into Dutch society and with learning Dutch. They are also there to help them find their way in the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ scene and help them feel at home here; LGBTQ+ integration.

In short: an LGBTQ+ buddy can support another LGBTQ+ person in many ways and contribute to a better and more enjoyable life for them. We are always looking for LGBTQ people who wouldn't mind freeing up a few hours of their week to help another LGBTQ+ person in need.



The Homomonument symbolises the long road of gay emancipation in the Netherlands and far beyond. It consists of three triangles of Rosa Porinogranite that together form one large triangle. The three triangles represent the past, the present and the future. Here we commemorate everyone who was murdered or persecuted (and still is) because of their sexual preference and/or identity. Here we celebrate the freedom to be who we are. Here we call for vigilance in the present and in the future. Here you can always find A.S.V.Gay members at our bar shifts during the parties we host on national holidays.



Natuurvlees sells delicious and pure meat from the region, and does this with respect for animals and nature.

Just like our customers, we want to know what we eat. Where does our meat come from, what kind of life has the animal had? The welfare of an animal, the living conditions, the way of slaughtering and the traditional processing all influence the final taste and quality of the meat.

Our animals have a good life, can move freely and get good food – food without all kinds of artificial additives. Furthermore growth promoters and hormones are out of the question for us. Antibiotics are only given to our animals when really necessary. Moreover, they get to be outside as much as possible. In this way they also contribute to the preservation of our beautiful cultural landscape. The animals come from small-scale farms, run by farmers we know personally. We select and inspect the animals ourselves on the farm. And believe us when we say that the bar is high and our selection criteria are very strict. That is why we have developed our own quality mark. For us, it's quality over quantity. In other words: small-scale and responsible farmers, and respectful slaughter. Then we process the meat in a traditional way into a tasty Natuurvlees product.



PRIK is fun, friendly and comfortable any time of the day. We are open 7 days a week from 16:00 and the environment changes with the mood of the moment. From a relaxing loungy bar where you can sip a cocktail and nibble on our snacks to a bouncing party place with great DJ’s at the weekends.

PRIK has been serving Amsterdam since 14 July, 2006. We are so thankful to all of you for the amazing times you continue to create at PRIK. We owe our success to all of you!

On our menu you’ll find yummy snacks and surprising drinks – with or without a little ‘prik’ (as prik means bubbels in Dutch). You’ll love our wide range of cocktails, wines and PRIK-wine (Prosecco) on tap! And our prices are friendly too, so you can always try something new if you’re feeling adventurous.


Textieldrukkerij Amsterdam

Textieldrukkerij Amsterdam is actually a printing company like all others; we print textiles, especially t-shirts, and that is exactly what all textile printers do. What makes us so special?

Flexibility! That is our motto and it makes us different. This enables us, for example, to deliver on (very) short notice. It's also not a problem if you want to deliver your own clothing to be printed on. Free of charge. Furthermore, you can order low quantities from us: we produce from as few as 5 pieces (but more is also possible, of course).

You probably think that all these advantages make us expensive! That's not true either. We don't pretend to be the cheapest, but we are certainly affordable.

After all, we are creative (and stubborn) enough to think along with you and not blindly put your design on a shirt.



“WE NEVER START A FIGHT, BUT WE’LL ALWAYS END IT” In recent years there has been a historic and worrying increase in violence against the LGBTI community. While the community hopes for change by protesting peacefully, the need to defend yourself as an LGBTI member seems inevitable. Tijgertje LGBTI Self-Defense has been offering the Dutch LGBTI community self-defense classes since 1982. Since 2015, the self-defense system Krav Maga was added to its range of classes. Soon after, the Dutch division of the world’s first and largest Krav Maga federation, the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), wanted to support Tijgertje LGBTI Self-Defense even more and therefore formally partnered up with us. July 2017, Tijgertje LGBTI Self-Defense became the first official IKMF LGBTI Krav Maga location in the Netherlands. And, in collaboration with the IKMF, a special Krav Maga self-defense and empowerment program for LGBTI’s was developed called R.E.A.D.Y. Responsibly Empower And Defend Yourself. Together we set out to make a positive movement in LGBTI safety by offering regular weekly classes and (corporate) workshops and seminars, but also by lobbying for political and social changes. Because, we believe safety is for everybody and we’re here to give the LGBTI community the tools to get home safely. Learn how to physically and mentally empower yourself! The Krav Maga techniques are based on and build on your natural reactions and reflexes. This makes it easy to learn and means that you can become good at it in (relatively) short time. Krav Maga doesn’t only teach you how to defend yourself, but also to be more alert about your surroundings. The focus is to prevent, de-escalate and, if necessary, defend, get out and get away. In addition to these tools, it brings forth more self-confidence, self-discipline and perseverance. It’s a total package of physical control, mental control and empowerment.