Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

History of A.S.V.Gay

A.S.V.Gay is zeker niet de oudste vereniging van Amsterdam, maar in de negen jaar dat we bestaan, hebben we ontzettend veel mijlpalen bereikt waar we trots op zijn!

🧱 Founding year | 2010-2011

On 23 February 2010, Fien de Vries, Merel van Kessel, Suzanne Roodenburg and Nora Neuteboom signed the statutes that form the basis of the Amsterdam student association A.S.V.Gay. Of course, this did not just happen without any hard work.

In 2009 Fien de Vries started studying in Amsterdam. Young and enthusiastic as she was, she wanted to get involved in the student life in Amsterdam. However, she soon found out that there was not much to do for LHBTQ+ students in Amsterdam. She wanted to create a place where she could meet homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of her own generation; people who also study.

🎓 Fourth year | 2013-2014

In the first three years of its existence, the association proved to be an enormous success. The number of members grew faster every year. The fourth board therefore decides to focus on mutual bonding between members and to make the integration of older and new members run more smoothly. One of the ways in which this is attempted is the introduction of the Kweekweek. A longer introduction period for all new members.

In this association year 13|14, committees will have more autonomy for the first time. Instead of board members taking presence in committees, it was decided to switch to a system whereby there are committee chairmen who are accountable to the commissaris Intern.

Moreover, this was the year in which the A.S.V.Gay song was written and introduced. Thieu Driessen is the founder of this. The song would not yet be used on a large scale, which will only follow in the years to come.

After a year of having borrels in Café Bordó, the decision was made to change the location of the weekly borrel with a lot of deliberation. A.S.V.Gay returned to the Amstel54.

After a suggestion by honorary member Henny Bos (mrs. prof. dr.) that A.S.V.Gay should one day organise a scientific congress, this was actually done this year. The first scientific congress was a fact. The theme of the congress was homosexuality and gender non-conformity. Researchers and students could send in papers for this. In the end, a diverse range of research was chosen from the submissions. It varied from persecution of homosexuality in the Middle Ages to transgender care among young people. It was an enormous success.

At the end of the academic year, at the beginning of the summer holidays, the first trip ever took place to a Gay Pride abroad. Cologne was the destination. A successful trip with a relaxed atmosphere was the result.