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Sister Associations

There are several LGBTQ+ student associations in our country. We form a connection, namely the Intercity Queer Student Network (IQSN). Together we represent over 1200 students! More information about our sister associations to be found below.

💚 Dito! | Nijmegen

Dito! was founded in 1985 and has since then for over 30 years to improve personal and societal emancipation of LGBT+ youth. The organisation was originally called Pinkeltje, and back then there was little visibility of sexual and gender diversity in Dutch society. There was thus a great need for a platform like Pinkeltje.

In 2005, when Pinkeltje celebrated its 20th birthday, it was decided that there was a need for a new name: the birth of Dito! We introduced our Pink lunches, and in 2009 we organised the first Pink Week on Campus.

Currently, Dito! has over 200 members, around 50 of whom are active volunteers. Dito! is the oldest LGBT+ youth organisation in the Netherlands.

🦁 Exaltio | Enschede

After the success of similar LGBTQ+ associations in other student cities, Enschede could not be left behind. In 2016, the youth and student association Exaltio is founded. Exaltio's most important mission is to offer a platform to their target group where they can make new friends within the colourful LGBTQ+ spectrum in a safe and pleasant way.

Is that still necessary in these modern times? Absolutely! Many LHBT+ youngsters experience meeting like-minded people who have also struggled with their (sexual) identity, relationships, images of the future, self-acceptance and coming-out as very pleasant.

Exaltio has a borrel every two weeks in café Stonewall. They also organise parties and other activities.

🦅 Ganymedes | Groningen

On 18 December 2008 Ganymedes LGBT student association was founded by a group of students to organise activities and drinks for gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) students. Ganymedes is an association where LGBTQ+ students in Groningen can get in touch with each other.

At Ganymedes you can talk, eat, drink and walk with like-minded (and grounded) students. Some members have been out for years and come just for fun. For others, an evening at Ganymedes is a first step out of the closet, or a first introduction to the gay scene. 

For 10 years now we have been organising drinks, parties and other activities, sometimes just for fun and sometimes with an educational touch. Would you like to come and have a look? Then you can find us on our drinks every Thursday evening, at Tram13 or Bar de Rits

🌈 Outsite | Delft

Outsite is the youth department of the DWH (Delftse Werkgroep Homosexualiteit). We are there for everyone who identifies themselves as LHBT+. We organize all kinds of activities, from drinks on Thursdays to big quarter parties and going out in Amsterdam, for example, all made possible by our fantastic committees and members!

Outsite has many active committees where members can commit themselves to the association. Outsite also has active contact with the university and the municipality to promote the emancipation of LHBTQ+ youth in the region.

They have their borrels every Thursday evening at their own location on the Lange Geer 22.

🛡 U.H.S.V. Anteros | Utrecht

U.H.S.V. Anteros is the LHBTQ+ student association of Utrecht. The Anterians organize a weekly drink and there are also parties and other activities take place at this association of almost 200 members.

A.S.V.Gay and Anteros usually organize a number of activities a year together, such as great parties, pub trips and trips. With thirteen committees, four disputes, various working groups and of course the board, Anteros has a rich club life with at least every week an activity in addition to the regular weekly drinks in the Body Talk.

Anteros has a borrel every Wednesday in the Bodytalk. They are also very active during the UitWeek every year, with lots of parties and get-togethers.