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Would you like to get to know more international and Dutch students? Are you interested in learning the ins and outs of Dutch culture, as well as discovering new things from different countries and cultures?

If this has raised your interest, make sure to sign up to become a member!

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🌉 About The Bridge

We are a gezelschap (club) of A.S.V.Gay, focused on bringing Dutch and international students together! Our aim is to create an active group of people who love to learn about different countries, cultures and habits. We will meet about once a month to enjoy all kinds of activities together. Last year for example, we played paintball, had a film night, hosted a potluck dinner and went to a German Christmas market. Everything is possible, and we encourage members to come up with fun activities as well.

You can sign up to become a member using the link below. Membership for the whole academic year is only 10 euros. This will be used to facilitate our meet-ups. However, do keep in mind that some bigger activities might bring additional costs that each participating member needs to pay. Members will be notified about such activities and their costs as far in advance as possible.

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🤔 Questions?

Send us an email or come talk to Nadine or Melissa at one of the borrels. Hope to see you soon!

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