Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

🌉 The Bridge

We are The Bridge: the international-minded gezelschap (club) of A.S.V.Gay!

We want to bring Dutch and international students together by organizing various events, for example going to a German Christmas Market, having drinks together, movie nights, game nights, international dinners and actually every other activity you can think of. What we will do depends on what our members like to do. We encourage everyone to come forward with ideas and help to put great plans into action, and we especially like to organise events with an international character, where we can learn more about each others cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Of course our main goal is just to have a lot of fun with a nice group of people. Sounds like music to your ears? Sign-up for The Bridge!

So far we have organised two open activities where everyone from A.S.V.Gay could join. One of them was an international movie night, with lots of nice snacks and a great LGBTQ+ movie. The other was a day trip to Münster where we visited the Christmas markets and had the chance to have a look at this beautiful city.