Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Acquisition committee

The Acquisition Committee is a team of members that takes care of the sponsor contracts that A.S.V.Gay signs. The committee is actively engaged in acquiring new sponsorship contracts and is looking for new ways to generate income for the association.

We are concerned with renewing and evaluating contracts and maintaining external contacts. Together with our partners we look for the optimal form of cooperation. See, for example, the pub where we have a weekly borrel, the boat we sail on during Amsterdam Pride and the activities that are organised throughout the year. In addition, the Acquisition Committee organises an annual theme borrel to celebrate A.S.V.Gay's partners.

In the academic year 2018-2019 the committee consists of the following members:

Niek is the chair of the committee as well as the external commissioner of the A.S.V.Gay board and is therefore responsible for maintaining external contacts. Niek is professional in his ways and takes care of his contacts in an amiable way. He does this with a lot of passion and flair, and thus contributes to the mission and vision of the association. Mail me here!

Christel is an enthusiastic member who, with her experience as a former treasurer of the association, knows a lot about both contracts and the finances behind it. She has heart for A.S.V.Gay and ensures that things are captured and realised with utmost precision. Mail me here!

Bart is enthusiastic and always there for people. He is the former external commissioner of A.S.V.Gay and is therefore a familiar face for the association's contacts. This makes him an excellent candidate for maintaining ties with sponsors as well as supporting the current external commissioner in his role. Mail me here!

Jurjan is the secretary of the committee. Unlike the other committee members, he has not done a board year. Yet he knows the association very well and he was previously responsible for organising the (foreign) trips. Because of his work experience and thorough approach, he gets a lot done. Mail me here!

Mail us: acquisitie@asvgay.nl