Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Current Affairs Committee

As Current Affairs Committee we try to make sense of current affairs and how they relate to the LGBTQ+ community. We keep track of global developments on LGBTQ+ rights/campaigns/rights violations/discrimination/etc. We organise events that aid active engagement with current issues and concerns within the LGBTQ+ community. For example, film nights with LGBTQ+ movies, or evenings with a speaker, as well a going to protests or other demonstrations with the association. And, not to forget, we organise a symposium right around Pride with workshops and great speakers.

My name is Anna (she/her), I’m from Scotland and I joined A.S.V.Gay in September. I am doing my Masters in Sociology at the UvA, focusing on Migration and Gender & Sexuality. Other than being unapologetically queer, I enjoy dancing, playing guitar and contemplating how to eradicate social inequalities.

Hi, I’m Annelin (she/her), a first year psychobiology student. A.S.V.Gay is my first student association and I defintely wanted to make the most of that, which is why I joined this committee. It is interesting to learn more about current affairs (since I’m doing a beta study, so I don’t normally engage with that). Therefore, the Current Affairs Committee seemed a great fit!

Hi, I’m Maaike (she/her). This is my first year in Amsterdam and with A.S.V.Gay, which is why I wanted to join a committee. I hope to organise a great symposium with this committee and also to learn more about how current affairs influence our community.

Hi! I’m Milena (she/her). Alongside my bachelor’s study of Psychobiology at the UvA, I’m currently doing a board year at A.S.V.Gay as the chair of the board. I became a member of the Current Affairs Committee mostly to support them in organising the symposium. The symposium is one of the largest events each year, and since I have previous experience with this committee and am the board member responsible for socially relevant activities, I hope to aid the committee to set up an amazing symposium this year!

Hi! My name’s Ruth (she/her) and I’m an exchange student at UvA. I joined A.S.V.Gay in October of 2018 and became a member of the Current Affairs Committee in January of 2019. Even though I’ll only be spending a short amount of time in Amsterdam, I intend on making the most of it. I joined this committee because it aligned with my interests of advocacy and social justice as well as organisation. I look forward to doing great work in the future.

Hey hoi, I'm Vera (she/her, they/them), and this is my second year at A.S.V.Gay. My interests include MRI scans, shoelaces, and the fight for queer rights and acceptance!

Hi! My name is Yke (she/her), and this is my first year studying psychobiology in Amsterdam and my first year of being a member of A.S.V.Gay. Not only did I join A.S.V.Gay to take part in the fun activities, but also to really make the best of my time in Amsterdam. That’s also why I joined the Current Affairs Committee. I was never really involved in (or very aware of) all the things that happened in our community and I wanted to change that and to be able to learn more by organising events about interesting topics.

Mail us: actualiteiten@asvgay.nl