Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Introduction Week Committee (Kweekweek)

Twice a year the Kweekweek Committee organises an introduction week filled with activities to welcome new members into A.S.V.Gay. They're usually held in February and September. During this week you'll participate in several activities that will introduce you to the association, the city and the student life in Amsterdam. Furthermore, we organise a fun reunion pub quiz in November, to reunite the Kweekweek families! This year the committee exists of the following members:


I'm Melissa! After having been a member of several committee over the past few years, this year is my first year as the chair of a committee. Not just any committee, but the best one – the Kweekweek Committee! I'm also a part of the Yearbook Commitee this year. I'm hoping that we will be able to organise two great introduction weeks.

Hi, I'm Liselot. This is my second year as a member of A.S.V.Gay and it is also my board year. Besides being treasurer of the current board, I am also an enthusiastic member of the Kweekweek Committee. I hope we'll turn these two introduction periods into a great ones for the new members.

My name is Dirkje and this is my third year at A.S.V.Gay. Besides the Kweekweek Committee, I am also on the Travel Committee this year. I hope to organise a great introduction week for the new members, so that they can get to know the association, the other members and the city in a nice way.

Hi, I'm Isabella. Currently in my third year as a member of A.S.V.Gay. I got to be secretary of the eighth board of A.S.V.Gay, and this year I am part of the Kweekweek Committee as well as the Photo Committee.

Hi, I'm Franka and I joined A.S.V.Gay in September. I hope that we, as a committee, will organise a kweekweek that's a great time for new members, so that they can make new friends and get to know A.S.V.Gay a bit better.

foto winnaars pubquiz

Mail us: kweekweek@asvgay.nl