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Travel Committee

The Travel Committee is responsible for organising the most fun, most informative, most adventurous trips! Whether it's a lift weekend, a car rally or just a 'simple' city trip, together we do all we can to ensure that the members who have travelled with us have an absolute blast. Over the years, A.S.V.Gay has already traveled to cities like Manchester, Paris and Cologne. This year, A.S.V.Gay will travel to a (still secret) sunny destination for the first time! The committee consists of the following members:

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Andra is 25 years old, studying English Language & Culture and has been a member of A.S.V.Gay for six years. She likes beer and playing the drums, and is always reading at least three books at the same time. She has obtained the nickname 'tAndra' for reasons that cannot be addressed.

Nadine is 21 years old, studying Sociology at the UvA and has been a member of A.S.V.Gay since last September! She loves Groningen Airport very much, so perhaps one of A.S.V.Gay's trips this year will depart from that airport...

Dirkje is 25 years old and is currently working on her master's in German Studies. She is from Breda and is very proud of this fact. Give her beer, donkeys and dogs, and Dirkje is happy.

Thymen is 21 years old. He is studying Business Administration and is therefore the obvious treasurer of the committee. He always knows how to pick out the cream of the crop for as little money as possible and he has by far the best dance moves of the committee.

Derk is 21 years old and he is also studying Sociology at the UvA. He is crazy about Cologne, so obviously the first trip of A.S.V.Gay of this year had Cologne as its destination. As of last September, Derk is the tallest member of A.S.V.Gay!

Shannen is 24 years old and has been a part of quite a few different committees; this year she is a member of the Borrel Committee and the Travel Committee. With her dry humor she always brings life to the party.

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