Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!


At A.S.V.Gay, in addition to all sorts of activity committees, there is also a committee that deals with more serious matters.

When something is bothering you, it's always nice to have someone to talk to. You can of course do this with someone you already know, but sometimes you might prefer to talk to someone who is less close to you, or someone who has more experience with your problem. Certainly within our association we can imagine that there are members who struggle with gender identity, sexuality, coming out, discrimination and relationships. For these members A.S.V.Gay has trustees who can be contacted via email or at drinks and activities.

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to email us: vertrouwenspersoon@asvgay.nl. You will then be emailed back by one of us and your story will then remain between the relevant trustee and you.

Your first time...

Do you still remember the first time you went to an A.S.V.Gay borrel? With lead in your shoes and a big hood over your head to remain unrecognisable? Or with your chest forward and a healthy amount of curiosity?

The first time at A.S.V.Gay was different for everyone. But hopefully every first meeting is as pleasant as possible. If your first time was fun, then the chances are that you will also go to the next borrel. If you don't want to enter a pub full of strangers, you can email the trustees at A.S.V.Gay to ask for a borrel buddy. They will meet with you in advance, at Prik or at another café. Once you have gotten to know each other a little, you will go to the borrel together and your borrel buddy will introduce you to other A.S.V.Gayers.


Hi! My name is Annemarie (she/her). I am 21 years old and have been a member of our beautiful association since March 2018. When I first joined A.S.V.Gay, I was a little insecure and looked for help from the trustees. They helped me tremendously with feeling at home within the association, which inspired me to apply to become a trustee myself last September. I want everyone to be able to find a second home within A.S.V.Gay, just like I did, and I strongly believe that that is possible. I also want to make an effort to make A.S.V.Gay representative of the Amsterdam queer scene: a nice place for everyone, whoever you may be.

Hi, my name is Leonie. Since last September I am a proud member of the trustees. I have been a member of A.S.V.Gay for six years already, and I have taken part in the Promotion Committee, Activity Committee, Symposium Committee and the sixth board of A.S.V.Gay, amongst other things. I have a background in gender and sexuality studies from a sociological perspective. I would like for A.S.V.Gay to focus more on gender diversity, which is why I am going to try bringing transgender, non-binary and genderquestioning people together. I am non-binary myself and I use the pronouns she, he and they interchangeably. Furthermore, I am looking forward to answer your questions for Auntie Moustache and drink tea together at the tea sessions.

I'm Kade (she/her). I am 25 and already finished with my student time but am still a part of the association. As a trustee, I think it's most important that our association offers something to all its members: the Dutch and the internationals, white people and people of colour, gender conforming people and gender non-conforming people. My personal background is the Caribbean but I'm becoming more Dutch.

My name is Mara (she/her), I'm 23 years old and I'm a project manager at a translation agency. Outside of my work, my main interest is in psychology - in fact, I'd go so far as to say say that it's my passion. I see the world as one big story book in which everyone tells their own story. Each story is unique, authentic and valuable. As I go through life, I aim to gather as many stories as possible; about individuals, things, life and love, with their own history and perspective. I'm always curious about what brings people together and connects them, and why people become who they are.

My name is Lotte (she/her) and I have been a member of A.S.V.Gay for a long time. I have been in different committees and I have done a board year. For the past few years I have been a member of the trustees. Outside of A.S.V.Gay I’m studying hard to finish my degree in social pedagogical healthcare. I think it is very important for everyone to feel accepted and at ease within A.S.V.Gay. A.S.V.Gay should be as accessible as possible for everyone: whether you’re still in the closet and live at your parents or extremely comfortable and familiar in the queer scene. I would like to make that feeling possible for everyone this coming year.