Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

🎲 Hey there!

We are Chaotic Queers: the Dungeons and Dragons gezelschap (club) of A.S.V.Gay! We play this great game with a group of A.S.V.Gayers every second Monday of the month. We are open to everyone, even if you have never played D&D before. Membership is only 10 euros, and you’ll get a lot of fun, great adventures and maybe a dice addiction in return ;)

Every year we form several D&D groups within the members of Chaotic Queers. These groups all play the same campaign simultaneously under the guidance of their respective Dungeon Masters. Aside from this, we also host other fun activities during the year, such as miniature painting!

There is also the option to become an NPC member for 5 euros. As an NPC member you will not join the monthly campaign, but you can join all the other activities we organise.

Convinced? Signing up is possible every year in October and March!

If you have any questions, talk to Melissa, Milena or Zita , or send them an email!

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Chaotic Queers | Logo

Chaotic Queers | Unsplashed