Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Lustrum II

Welcome to the Great Lustrum Game of A.S.V.Gay!

This year, to celebrate the second lustrum celebration of our association, every member will be able to participate in the Great Lustrum Game for 10 months, with 10 assignments each month. Whether you want to participate, is on you, but there are some great prices to win!

ENG Lustrum II-knop

Every month there will be a monthly winner. This is the person who has carried out the ten assignments of that month in the most fun, most creative or simply the best way. In addition to a monthly winner, there will be quarterly winners on the 10th of December, March and June. Finally after 10 months, the great winner of the game will emerge.

To give this game a great kick-off, we'll start September 10 with the theme:


This month will be all about the number 10, because we're turning 10 in a few months! Here are the assignments for you to tackle this month:

1. Take a picture with 10 (old-) boardmembers of A.S.V.Gay without them knowing. 🀫

⭐️1 point for each picture β€” πŸ’Ž10 points extra if you have at least 5 different boards on your pictures. Bonus points can be awarded for creativity.

2. Take a picture with 10 people and 10 shots at the A.S.V.Gay-borrel. πŸ“Έ

⭐5 points β€” ❌No points if there are too many or too few people on the picture.

3. Wish 10 random random people on the street a happy second Lustrumyear and film this. 🀝

⭐10 points β€” πŸ’Ž15 points if they wish you the same.

4. Sit on a terrace or a bench with a scoreboard and give 5 random passersby a 10 as they walk past you. Film this.

⭐️3 points for each person β€” πŸ’Ž5 points extra if there's 5 people total.

5. Take pictures with the number 10 in 10 different streets.

⭐️10 points for 10 pictures β€” πŸ’ŽBonus points are awarded for creativity.

6. Take pictures with 10 bartenders in gaybars.

⭐️10 points β€” πŸ’Ž5 points extra if you have pictures with bartenders in at least 3 different bars.

7. Do the Macarena with at least 10 people in a public place and film this.

⭐️10 points β€” πŸ’Ž10 points extra if you perform this assignment in a tram or metro.

8. Take a picture with 10 famous or special attractions in Amsterdam.

⭐️10 points β€” πŸ’ŽBonus points will be awarded for creativity and if the attractions are gay.

9. Write a poem of 10 lines about yourself.

⭐️5 punten β€” πŸ’ŽBonus points will be awarded for creativity.

10. Give 10 members of A.S.V.Gay a sincere compliment and spread the love. Film this.

⭐️10 points β€” πŸ’ŽBonus points will be awarded for originality.

ℹ️More information about handing in the pictures will be available a.s.a.p.