Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Lustrum II

Welcome to the Great Lustrum Game of A.S.V.Gay. – The assignments for December are online now!

This year, to celebrate the second lustrum celebration of our association, every member will be able to participate in the Great Lustrum Game for 10 months with 10 assignments each month. Whether you want to participate is on you, but there are some great prizes to win!

ENG Lustrum II-knop

Every month there will be a monthly winner. This is the person who has carried out the ten assignments of that month in the most fun, most creative or simply the best way. In addition to a monthly winner, there will be quarterly winners on the 10th of December, March and June. Finally after 10 months, the great winner of the game will emerge.

You can directly upload your completed assignments (photo, film, sound, or documents) to: asvgay.nl/lustrum/username

Please note: instead of 'username' you enter the username you're using! If you would like to make our lives a little easier, just put the number of the assignment as the title of the file. You don't necessarily have to do that, but it does help us a lot!

Enjoy kerst met de fam (Christmas with your family) with these five new Lustrum Game assignments. December marks the beginning of a new quarter of this Lustrum Game, so that means: new round, new opportunities and new prizes!

TIP: In December and January you can earn no less than 30 points if you convince someone who has not yet participated to participate in the Lustrum Game, and you pass this on to the Lustrum Committee! As soon as this person submits 3 assignments, you both get 30 points

1. Depict a nativity scene with friends or family and take a photo. πŸ“Έ

πŸŽ„ 25 points. Bonus points if all people from the story are depicted.

2. A.S.V.Gay will celebrate her 10th birthday in February and will then enter the 11th year of her life. In honour of this beautiful event, write a New Year's wish for A.S.V.Gay in the form of an Elevenie. πŸ“

πŸŽ„ 15 points.

3. Direct a fireworks show: create your own fireworks show with sparklers and record this on video with live commentary. πŸŽ¬πŸŽ†

πŸŽ„ 25 points (please be safe!).

4. Collect 4 mean girls and recreate an iconic Mean Girls photo. πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

πŸŽ„ 15 points.

5. Help Jurjan calculate the balance of his bank account! πŸ€‘

It's Wednesday night and Jurjan is about to go to the borrel with a balance of €18,10. When he enters Amstel Fifty Four, Fabian lets out an enthusiastic scream and asks Jurjan to do a shot of Trojka with him – Jurjan pays for both of the shots. Jurjan had a glass of wine with his dinner, so before the clock strikes 22:00 he orders himself and Dries a glass of Merlot.

After a while he starts talking to Joost. Jurjan ends up buying two beers, and the same goes for Joost. After the borrelpraatje, Bart buys Jurjan a beer. It ends up making Jurjan very thirsty, so he buys a pitcher of beer for himself and few others. When he tries to pay, the pin machine immediately starts flashing: no balance! Quickly, Jurjan puts another €30 into his account. Andra thanks him for the beer by getting them both a shot of JΓ€germeister. Jurjan then buys them both a beer and a shot of dropshot, but he realises his stampcard is full, so he uses that to partially pay this bill. After they finish their shot, he checks the time and realises it's long past his bedtime, so he's on his way to Diemen.

The next morning he wakes up hungover. When he tries to check his bank's app, his WiFi stops working. He was just about to order a nice breakfast to soothe his hangover! Can you figure out how much money Jurjan still has in his account?

πŸŽ„ 20 points. 5 bonus points if you get the right answer.