Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Lustrum II

Welcome to the Great Lustrum Game of A.S.V.Gay!

This year, to celebrate the second lustrum celebration of our association, every member will be able to participate in the Great Lustrum Game for 10 months, with 10 assignments each month. Whether you want to participate, is on you, but there are some great prices to win!

ENG Lustrum II-knop

Every month there will be a monthly winner. This is the person who has carried out the ten assignments of that month in the most fun, most creative or simply the best way. In addition to a monthly winner, there will be quarterly winners on the 10th of December, March and June. Finally after 10 months, the great winner of the game will emerge.

You can directly upload your completed assignments (photo, film, sound, or documents) to: asvgay.nl/lustrum/username Please note: instead of 'username' you enter the username you're using! If you would like to make our lives a little easier, just put the number of the assignment as the title of the file. You don't necessarily have to do that, but it does help us a lot!

Summer is gone, the leaves are falling off the trees and the first ten assignments of the Great Lustrum Game are now officially closed. Are you ready for the next assignments? Here they are!

1. Go to the park and take a picture that represents fall/autumn in the best way.

(3 points for a beautiful picture. Extra points are awarded for creativity.)

2. Take a nice selfie with a brand new member (someone that became a member after July 2019).

(3 points per picture, with a maximum of 5 photos)

3. Take a picture with someone in a creepy Halloween costume.

(5 points. Extra points if you’re wearing a costume as well)

4. Create a cool Halloween decoration and show proof you made it yourself.

(5 points. Extra points are awarded for creativeness.)

5. Scare someone and film it.

(8 points. Extra points are awarded for hilarity.)

6. Take a picture with a current board member.

(5 points. 10 points if you get all board members in one single picture)

7. Make a 5 minute personal vlog about your daily life.

(10 points for the vlog. Extra points are awarded for creativity.)

8. Make a list of things you can do with a pumpkin.

(1 point for every 3 possible uses)

9. Spin the wheel at Amstel 54 and film it.

(The number of points is equal to the number of drinks you’ve won. This assignment can only be handed in once)

10. Think of a good assignment for next month!

(1 point per assignment, with a maximum of four points. Extra points are awarded if your assignment is actually used!)