Who can become a member? Anyone who's between the ages of 16 and 30 and identifies with student life can become a member of A.S.V.Gay. Most members of A.S.V.Gay study at an Amsterdam learning insitution, but you're also welcome if you already finished studying or study outside of Amsterdam. We are open to everyone: gay, straight, lesbian, bisexuel, transgender, queer and straight.

What are the benefits of membership? By becoming a member of A.S.V.Gay you participate in building a strong and positive network of LGBTQ+-students in Amsterdam. You will get discounts on all the activities organised by A.S.V.Gay. And on top of that, as a member, you can help shape the associations policies: by bringing proposals to the board, voting at meetings and applying for board positions.

How much does it cost? Membership costs 50 euros per (school)year. Membership is from september to september. If it isn't cancelled it will automatically be continued.

You can also become a member halfway during the year. If you join after the New Year, contribution will be 30 euros for the remainder of the schoolyear. In this case membership will also be continued until cancelled.

How do I become a member? During the year there are two periods during which you can sign up for membership:

  • from mid August until the introduction period in mid September
  • from the 1st of February untill the 1st of March

During this period there will be many activities to give you an easy way to get to know the association and to meet many of the members. For example a day or weekend together with all the new members. So drop by on one of our drinks nights on Wednesday and we'll make sure you can sign up or you can sign up through the website!

How do I cancel my membership? Cancellation of your membership with A.S.V.Gay is possible until August 20th. Send an email to the secretary of A.S.V.Gay and you will receive confirmation of the cancellation. Contribution will not be refunded.

Do you have questions about A.S.V.Gay membership, or are you changing your contact information? Please send an email to the secretary.