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From the 27th of July till the 4th of August, Amsterdam was all about Pride. To enjoy all the wonderful memories that we created together during the Pride Week for a little longer, we put together an extensive recap of A.S.V.Gay's Pride 2019. Enjoy!

#BreakDown the Norms! | 2019

Saturday 27 July | 2019

Pride Walk

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, A.S.V.Gay met up with Youth Pride at Boom Chicago. After a short briefing about balloons and flags and fun, we walked to the Westermarkt together. Along the way both tourists and Amsterdammers quickly took their camera in their hand; our colourful procession brought a smile to everyone's face.

Once we arrived at the Homomonument we took our places and waited patiently for our turn. Everyone exchanged stickers, buttons and make-up, so no one had to start the parade bald. Let's march!

While the sun was looking down on us, more than 15,000 people walked from Westerkerk via Muntplein and Museumplein to the park of love: the Vondelpark. Along the way we were cheered on emotionally by people of all ages – everyone was welcome and everyone was celebrating.

👣 Will you march with us next year?

As tradition prescribes, the Pride Walk once again ended in Pride Park. There were stalls everywhere, there was opportunity for sports and games, and you could enjoy nice music at several places in the park.

A.S.V.Gay was there with our own stall, but also to check out other stall! We explored the site extensively, and these were our favourite activities and stalls:

  • Pride Ambassador Amber Vineyard is also the head of the ball family House of Vineyard. Together with them she organised a real ball in the Vondelpark.

  • As always, Pink Terrorists occupied the arbor with Op de Thee bij Gré.

  • In exchange for a loving or inspiring message, you could get a free rainbow bracelet at the COC booth!

Pride Walk Balloons | 2019

Pride Walk Andra & Nadine | 2019

COC-vlag Pride Park | 2019

Pride Walk Derk | 2019

Kraam Pride Park | 2019

Monday 29 July | 2019

Shakespeare Club

This year the third edition of COC's Shakespeare Club took place, which is a multi-day event that is all about sharing stories. These stories make visible on the one hand what sets us apart and on the other what connects us. For this reason meeting, connections and culture are in the spotlight together during this accessible event at the Amsterdam Museum.

After the establishment of the Shakespeare Club in 1946, the first meeting got no fewer than 150(!) people together. The name has since been changed to COC. The COC decided during the Amsterdam Europride of 2016 to breathe new life into the Shakespeare Club, of which deed. The board of A.S.V.Gay took a look.

COC's Shakespeare Club | 2019

Tuesday 30 July | 2019

Symposium: Activism is Timeless

Our Pride Week would not be complete without our annual symposium. Through the theme Activism is Timeless, we discussed during panels and workshops what activism means to the LGBTQ+ community, and how we can make progress through activism today. With our honorary member Henny Bos, Nkiruka Judith Ndukwu and speakers from, for example, VU Pride and Slachtofferhulp Nederland, we spent an informative afternoon in the A'DAM Tower.

People from different generations and backgrounds came together to address questions such as 'how do you make a university campus inclusive?' and 'what about the mental health of LGBTQ+ youths?' All in all, everyone present had the opportunity to learn a lot from this day.

A.S.V.Gay & Liber Beer Cantus

After the success of our collaboration last year, A.S.V.Gay and SV Liber of course had to organise another joint beer cantus this year. In the society of L.A.N.X. we all came together for beer, singing and more beer. We sang Dutch classics such as Catootje by Wim Sonneveld and Jan Klaassen de Trompetter by Rob de Nijs, but of course also the Io Vivat and Baby, One More Time.

Despite the fact that A.S.V.Gay and Liber are not exactly known as the most corporal associations, we also know for sure what drinking is: all the beer ran out at the end of the evening!

🍻 Will we see you at our next joint activity with SV Liber?

Symposium (4) | 2019

Symposium (2) | 2019

Symposium (3) | 2019

Pridecantus (1) | 2019

Pridecantus (2) | 2019

Wednesday 31 July | 2019

The Official Unofficial Borrel

The Wednesday of Pride Week is always kind of a struggle. Because it's Pride, obviously, but it's also a Wednesday, so naturally your feet (or wheels) will automatically carry you to the Amstel Fifty Four! Of course we'll be there for you with your usual beer, wine, soda and good company.

Are you not yet a member and would you also like to come by for a drink? The 4th, 8th and 11th of September are our open borrels. Come on by (alone or with friends, it doesn't matter) or sign up for a borrel buddy by sending an email to borrelbuddy@asvgay.nl or by clicking the pink button at the bottom right of your screen.

Borrelfoto | 2019

Thursday 1 August | 2019

Salesforce Pride Panel

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company. They focus primarily on customer relationship management (CRM), but also provide other services related to customer service.

Within Salesforce there are a number of Ohana - this is the Hawaiian word for 'family'. The concept emphasises that families are connected and that members of said Ohana must take care of each other. The Ohana for LGBTQ+ people is called Outforce.

For the second year in a row Salesforce got to sail in the Canal Parade this year. The Amsterdam branch of Outforce once again organised a Pride Panel to make their employees think about unconscious bias and creating a safe (work) environment. Chair Milena took a seat on this panel on behalf of A.S.V.Gay.

Bad Taste Party (1) | 2019

Bad Taste Party (4) | 2019

Bad Taste Party (2) | 2019

Bad Taste Party (5) | 2019

Bad Taste Party (3) | 2019

Thursday 1 August | 2019

Artis: Homosexuality in Animals

On a beautiful summer evening during the Pride Week, a group of A.S.V.Gay members gathered at Artis. We got a tour from a biologist about homosexual diversity in the animal kingdom. OUTtv came with us, they made a Summer Update Report on A.S.V.Gay. The biologist told us about how female monkeys satisfied each other, how male elephants practice on each other and how chicks growing up under the wings of homosexual vultures have a higher chance of survival compared to heterosexual couples.

At the end of the tour, an in-depth lecture was given on sexual diversity in not only animals, but also in single-celled organisms. There are seven different sexualities among single-celled organisms. There are also animals that can undergo physical processes during their lifetime and transform to a different gender, such as the well-known clown fish. Two-spirited or gender neutral, that is also quite normal. It was an educational lecture that ended with drinks.

The Bad Taste Party

A.S.V.Gay organised the student pride party of the Pride Week. Your chic outfits, expensive drinks and lame music were not welcome at our Bad Taste Party, because good taste is a norm and we were all about breaking awful norms this Pride!

With Flügel caps still on our noses, we stamped to Rampeneren and sang our hearts out when Oops! ... I Did it Again got played. In our most beautiful 'bad' outfits we flirted and danced until deep into the wee hours. Together we made de Heilige Zeug (the Holy Sow) a little less sacred.

🎊 Come and party with us next year!

Saturdag 3 August | 2019

Canal Parade

On Saturday August 3, A.S.V.Gay sailed in the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade on our very own boat: boat #57. Our theme was #BreakDown the Norms: on our boat we attempted to, alongside many other norms, break down the norms that promote homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. With our hammers, we have shown both Amsterdam and the world that these unnecessary norms must be broken down!

As we glided through the canals, there was also an extensive celebration on the quays; glitter and rainbows everywhere. Of course we enthusiastically waved at all the people watching and we did our best to convey our message to them.

📹 Words are falling short, so take a look at how we experienced this special day in our after movie!

After Movie

Canal Parade (9) | 2019

Canal Parade (7) | 2019

Canal Parade (6) | 2019

Canal Parade (5) | 2019

Canal Parade (2) | 2019