A.S.V.Gay is the Amsterdam student association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students! The association was founded in March 2010 and through the years grew to have over 270 members.

Every Wednesday we have Drinks Night ('borrel') at 9 PM at Amstel54, where non-members are welcome too! Besides the weekly drinks night many other activities are organised. Our 20 committees are fully committed to planning parties, weekend trips (to for example Gent, Prague, Berlin, Paris and Brussels), our very own hockey team and a boat at the Canal Parade during Amsterdam Pride! Besides all the fun activities and games, A.S.V.Gay also brings attention to the position of LGBTQ+-students in Amsterdam society. Through our scientific congress, symposia, a charity run for Aids research and trips to expositions we try to raise awareness about the position of LGBTQ+-individuals both within and outside of the association.

For those who find it difficult to come to a drinks night on their own we have the trustee committee. They can pair you up with a 'borrelbuddy', so that when you come to the drinks night you will know a couple of people already. You can also go to the trustees if you have any questions regarding your sexuality or if you experience other issues in your life, whether it is about your sexual orientation, gender identity or just regular issues. You can contact

In short: are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or straight or +? Would you like to get to know more of Amsterdam and get into contact with other LGBTQ+-students? Then drop by on a Wednesday night and discover the joys of membership of A.S.V.Gay!


In August 2009 a couple of gay students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the Universiteit van Amsterdam noticed that the options to establish an informal and professional network were limited in Amsterdam. Rather quickly the plan was formed to start a student association for LGBT-students in Amsterdam.

The group sought out contact with already existing LGBT-student associations, and with local and national groups that could support this plan. And so contact was made with the COC, UvA Pride, Folia, Expreszo and Pann. Reactions were positive and support came from different corners. In spring 2010 the Amsterdam Student Association Gay came into existence. Under the guidance of our founding board the first members were able to sign up in June 2010. From September 2010 onwards the first committees (activities-, newsletter-, borrel-, party- and trustee committees) started up.

Mission & Vision

Mutual contact By creating a digital and physical platform for LGBTQ+-students at the universities in Amsterdam it is easier to find each other, visit each other and undertake activities together.

Visibility By founding the association we want to improve the visibility of LGBTQ+-students. Being a larger association makes us a more important factor within the Amsterdam student community.

Acceptance and acceptance of yourself Amsterdam is known as the 'gay capital', however a lot can still be done to improve the position of LGBTQ+ people in our society. By being an active association that also mingles with straight students we aim to achieve an gay-straight-alliance on issues that are important for students. As well as improving the visibility of LGBTQ+ students under straight students and therefore the acceptance of all.

Another important issue where we want to make a difference is self-acceptance of our LGBTQ+ members. By offering regular get-togethers we can show that you are not alone and that you can express yourself however you want. With this we aim to help with better accepting your sexual orientation, gender identity, and ultimately yourself. Whenever possible we can reach out for you with other groups if you want any help.

Emancipation LGTBQ+ students are a minority within the schools and universities, their presence is still not always accepted by all. Only a minority of all projects ask attentions for the position of LGTBQ+ students, or even for professionals when later in life. A.S.V.Gay aims to bring a change to that by defending our position and calls for attention within the schools and universities to improve our position within the society.

Integration An often heard counter-argument for integration is that LGTBQ+ people recluse themselves to their gay-bubble. A.S.V.Gay does not want to lose touch with the straight world that is out there and therefore we try to incorporate straight students from other associations in the form of gay-straight alliances to improve all our views of society and get incorporated. You can find more information about our views in your multi-year plan, which you can find here (Dutch only).

Drinks & Chats-evenings

Each Wednesday during the academic year we have a borrel. This informal get-together will be held within the city centre at the bar Amstel54—close to Rembrandt square—and there are always new A.S.V.Gay members who you can meet there.

We understand that when you are new to either Amsterdam or the LGBTQ+-community it can be difficult to set the first step into the bar. That is why we have the so-called “borrelbuddy” system. With this system you will meet up with an A.S.V.Gay member before the drinks at a different spot, here you will chat up vis-à-vis and make sure you already know somewhat of the association and its members.

If it is difficult to set the first steps in, do not hesitate and send an e-mail to We are always confidential with your information.

What: A.S.V.Gay drinks & chats evening
Where: Amstel Fifty Four
Address: Amstel 54, 1017 AB, Amsterdam
When: every Wednesday
Time: 21:00-02:00