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Are you a (upcoming) former member, but not quite finished with A.S.V.Gay? Sign up to be an alumnus now!

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You have been a member of A.S.V.Gay for years, but now you get tired of just thinking about going to the borrel every week. Secretly you graduated a little while ago, but letting go of your beautiful time at our association is hard. Fortunately, the Almuni Committee is here for you!

The alumni committee organises a number of activities each year where you can go. You always get the association magazine The Gaily News in your mailbox and you can go to a number of regular activities of A.S.V.Gay with a discount. All this for a small amount of only €20,- per year. This way, you'll continue to support your old association and be connected with other former members.

Signing up

Becoming an alumnus is very easy, send an e-mail to secretaris@asvgay.nl to sign up. Of course you are also free to make an additional donation to the association to support it.

Lustrumcommissie Lustrum I | 2015

Lustrum I

reunistenborrel 2021

Alumni Borrel 2021

Lustrumgala | 2020

Lustrum Gala 2020