Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Are you a (upcoming) former member, but not quite finished with A.S.V.Gay? Sign up to be an alumnus now!

Become Alumnus

You have been a member of A.S.V.Gay for years, but now you get tired of just thinking about going to the borrel every week. Secretly you graduated a little while ago, but letting go of your beautiful time at our association is hard. Fortunately, the Almuni Committee is here for you!

The alumni committee organises a number of activities each year where you can go. Every six weeks they organise a borrel, and you can go to some activities of A.S.V.Gay with a discount. All this for a small amount of only €20,- per year. This way, you'll continue to support your old association and be connected with other former members.

Signing up

Becoming an alumnus is very easy, you can sign up here! Of course you are also free to make an additional donation to the association to support it.

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