History of the association

In 2009 Fien de Vries started her degree in Amsterdam, the gay capital. Even though the city was extremely gay, she soon found out that there wasn't much to do for LGBTQ+ students. Thus, she thought it was about time for something new; a place where she could meet people from her own generation – other young adults who are also studying. Fien wanted to create a place where every student can feel at home. She told two of her friends, Nora Neuteboom and Merel van Kessel, and together they started working on the idea. However, they also needed to take care of official business in order to make all of this happen, so they soon realised that they needed someone responsible by their side.

That was the moment that number four came onto their path: Suzanne Roodenburg. She turned out to already have a large network of older lesbian women, who were more than happy to help out the four youngsters. The group sought out contact with existing LGBTQ+ organisations, like the LGBTQ+ student association from Groningen – Ganymedes, the COC, UvA Pride, and PANN. The founding of A.S.V.Gay gained momentum, and after signing the deed at the notary, the one and only LGBTQ+ student association in Amsterdam became fact in the spring of 2010! The first members could officially sign up for A.S.V.Gay in June of 2010, and in September of 2010 the first committees got started.

The present

A.S.V.Gay is the Amsterdam student association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students! After being founded in March 2010 we have grown into an association with over 300 members.

Every Wednesday we have a borrel at 21:00 at bar Amstel Fifty Four. Apart from our weekly regular borrels many other activities are organised throughout the year. Our 17 committees pour their heart and soul into planning themed borrels, parties, trips (to for example Prague, Cologne and Manchester), and our very own boat in the Canal Parade during Amsterdam Pride!

Although friendly fun is of paramount importance at A.S.V.Gay, it is imperative for us to improve the quality of LGBTQ+ student life in Amsterdam. Through congresses (homosexuality and gender non-conformity), symposia (homosexuality in sports, tolerance), a sponsor borrel for Mama Cash and trips to, for example, an exhibition about transgenders and homosexuality in the animal kingdom we try to give more attention to the position of the LGBTQ+ people in our society, both within and outside of the association.

For those who find it difficult to come to a borrel on their own, we have borrel buddies. Our trustees can pair you up with a borrel buddy, an experienced member who will meet with you before the borrel. This way you'll already know someone. You can also go to the trustees if you need someone to talk to, whether it is to do with your sexual orientation, gender identity, or if you're struggling with any other issues. You can contact them by sending an email to vertrouwenspersoon@asvgay.nl.

Mission & Vision

Mutual contact By creating a physical and digital platform for LGBTQ+ students studying at the educational institutes in Amsterdam and environs, it is easier to find each other and to undertake activities together.

Visibility We are continuously working on the visibility of our association and trying to make it a household name, so that we can remain a significant factor in the lives of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ students. By doing so, we want to improve the visibility of LGBTQ+ students.

Acceptance and acceptance of yourself A.S.V.Gay believes that a lot can still be done to improve the position of LGBTQ+ people in our society. By actively seeking out collaborations with other student associations, companies and organisations, we aim to considerably increase the acceptation of LGBTQ+ students.

Recognition, understanding and the feeling of not being alone are important aspects in the process of self-acceptance. Members can find all of these things at A.S.V.Gay. In addition, A.S.V.Gay hopes to be a link between LGBTQ+ students and various help points and thus reduce the step to seek help in (self-)acceptance problems.

Emancipation LGTBQ+ students are a minority at schools and universities. Their special position, as students and later on as professional, is not always recognised. Very few initiatives are specifically concerned with the social position and the professional issues of LGBTQ+ students. A.S.V.Gay aims to bring a change to that: by looking after the interests of LGBTQ+ students and putting their specific needs and research questions on the map.

Integration A common complaint about LGBTQ+ people is that they withdraw into their own world. A.S.V.Gay does not want to separate from heterosexual students, but instead develop a good collaboration with heterosexual students and other student associations so that the LGBTQ + student association is seen as something normal.

You can find more information about our views in our multi-year plan, which you can find here (Dutch only).

What: A.S.V.Gay borrel
Where: Amstel Fifty Four
Address: Amstel 54, 1017 AB, Amsterdam
When: Every Wednesday
Time: 21:00-02:00