Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Welcome to A.S.V.Gay!


With over 300 members, the Amsterdamse Studentenvereniging Gay is the largest LGBTQ+ student association in the Netherlands, as well as one of the largest social student associations in Amsterdam. We organise all kinds of different activities for our members each month.

A.S.V.Gay combines meeting new LGBTQ+ people and discovering Amsterdam with gezellige borrels and smashing parties. We are committed to improving the position of LGBTQ+ people in society, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. In addition, we offer our members the opportunity for self-discovery and the development of their talents.

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TDOV | 2020

🏳️‍🌈 Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31st is internationally recognised as Transgender Day of Visibility, which takes place every year to raise and amplify the voices of trans people and to highlight the importance of inclusion of transgender people within and beyond the LGBTQ+ community. To celebrate and remember that day, we asked members of our club Trans+ what it means to them to be trans. Read on

Pride | 2019

⛵️ A.S.V.Gay & Pride

During Pride 2019 we got to attend a number of cool and inspiring events, but of course we also proudly organised a number of activities ourselves! Are you considering becoming a member and are you curious about what A.S.V.Gay does during Amsterdam Pride, or are you already a member and would you like to find yourself in our one and only after movie? You'll find all this and more in our Pride recap! Read on

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💖 A.S.V.Gay & Corona

Even during the corona pandemic, our 16 committees and 5 clubs continue to organize events. For example, the Party & Borrel Committee organized an online Homestaying Gala, we did a scavenger hunt through different parks of Amsterdam in pairs during our Active Members Thanking Activity, and our weekly borrels are now online. The board is constantly looking at what is possible with the current measures and what is responsible.