Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Welcome to A.S.V.Gay!

♪ I like to stay at the A.S.V.Gay! ♪

Twice a year, we open our registrations so that everyone gets the chance to enjoy all that we offer. During this sign-up period, and beyond, we also organize a lot of fun (open) borrels and activities. More information about this can be found here.

Have our open activities convinced you to become a member?

Then a fantastic introduction period awaits you! This is the perfect way to fully enjoy student life and make new friends. At A.S.V.Gay, we believe in a 'gezellige', inviting introduction.


... but a Kweekweek (introduction week) and Ontrozing (introduction weekend) instead. Want to know more? Read on.

♪ You can stay here, who knows what you will find? Lots of, beer-and-awe-some-friends ♪

Are you nervous about coming to a borrel or activity for the first time? We understand that it can be intimidating to walk into a bar full of strangers. That's why, during the introduction period, you can request a borrel and/or activity buddy by emailing: vertrouwenspersonen@asvgay.nl. You will meet up somewhere beforehand, perhaps at PRIK or another café, to get acquainted. Together, you'll then head to the borrel or activity, where your borrel buddy will introduce you to a few A.S.V.Gay members and tell you more about the association.

Ontrozing 2023

Ontrozing March | 2019
Group - Canal Parade | 2019



The introduction period starts with Kweekweek, where you will explore Amsterdam, the association, and student life in small groups, guided by 2-3 ‘experienced’ A.S.V.Gay members acting as parents. They are ready to answer all your questions and ensure you feel at home quickly. We'll take you on a pub crawl, city game, host a theme borrel, and much more.


Join us on Ontrozing, our famous introduction weekend in Dwingeloo (Drenthe), for a weekend filled with fun, drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), games, and (themed) parties. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know all the other new members in a relaxed and super fun atmosphere. Here you'll get to know other (new) members intensively - seeing them in every state. And remember: nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed!

Please note! These introduction activities are exclusive to new members. After registration, you will receive all the details and you can sign up for these activities. Are you ready? We certainly are! For questions or more information, follow us on Instagram or TikTok, check out the monthly calendar, or send us an email. Your adventure at A.S.V.Gay starts here!