Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Welcome to A.S.V.Gay!


With around 350 members, the Amsterdamse Studentenvereniging Gay is the largest LGBTQ+ student association in the Netherlands, as well as one of the largest social student associations in Amsterdam. We organise all kinds of different activities for our members each month.

A.S.V.Gay combines meeting new LGBTQ+ people and discovering Amsterdam with gezellige borrels and smashing parties. We are committed to improving the position of LGBTQ+ people in society, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. In addition, we offer our members the opportunity for self-discovery and the development of their talents.

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Ontrozing March | 2019
Group - Canal Parade | 2019

Introduction Period September 2023

The academic year 23|24 has started, which means that it's time for another introduction period of A.S.V.Gay. Whether you are looking for an association with all kinds of different activities or prefer to have a drink once in a while - A.S.V.Gay is the addition to your student days. Read on for the highlights of our introduction period or view the handy overview of our upcoming activities here.

😻 Every Wednesday night from 9pm we have drinks at Amstel Fifty Four. The open borrels is in September! Don't know anyone at A.S.V.Gay yet and would you like to come to the borrel with someone? Send an email to vertrouwenspersonen@asvgay.nl or send us a message via the pink button at the bottom right! Our open activities are almost here. Come and get to know us during some fun activities. Take a look at our monthly calender or on our social media.

🌱 During the Kweekweek (introduction week) you will get to know Amsterdam and A.S.V.Gay inside and out. The introduction week (Kweekweek) will take place from on September 18th.

🍻 Our introduction weekend (Ontrozing)! Ontrozing is the perfect place to meet other new members in a low-key but fun way. Ontrozing will take place on the 13th till the 15th of October!