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The Amsterdam Student Association Gay is the largest LGBTQ+ student association in the Netherlands. Despite our relatively young age, we have built up a large network since our establishment in 2010; for example, we work closely with the Amsterdam Chamber of Associations (AKvV) and the national network of the Intercity Queer Student Network (IQSN).

For many students A.S.V.Gay is an important first introduction to the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ community. By organising a wide range of events and also regularly opening them to non-members, we retain our open character. During our activities we place the emphasis on socialising and connectedness, but also on social involvement. Examples of these activities are: borrels, open stage night, events in collaboration with other organisations, sailing in the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade, parties, symposia and much more.

The association stimulates contact between LGBTQ+ students and works hard on the visibility of both LGBTQ+ students and the general student population of Amsterdam. Our mission and vision are also focused on the emancipation, acceptance and self-acceptance of our target group. An example of a focus area is the emancipation of LGBTQ+ students within the educational institutions of Amsterdam, where they are often a minority.


We believe it is important to stay connected to companies and institutions in the Netherlands, and in particular to those in Amsterdam. A.S.V.Gay is therefore always looking for sponsorship. This sponsorship can be in financial or material means and more. If you are interested in sponsoring A.S.V.Gay, you can always request information without obligation via the contact persons at the bottom of this page.


It is possible to advertise with A.S.V.Gay. You can advertise to a specific target group within our members, to all of our members, or even to all of our social media followers. Consider, for example, advertising on our website or in our internal communication (association app), but also on our social media channels (internal and external). In addition, there are offline options such as the welcome bag for new members. Together with you we look for a customised advertisement, so that maximum results can be achieved. Are you interested in advertising with A.S.V.Gay? Then contact one of the people further down this page.

More information

You can download our partner brochure (Dutch only).

If you want more information about the association or are interested in a personal meeting to discuss the possibilities, you can contact the Commissioner External Affairs or the members of the Acquisitions Committee without obligation.

Maud Smeets | 2023

Maud Smeets (she/they)

Head of Sponsoring & Acquisitions


Emms Buining - Acquisitie

Emms Buining (they/them)

Sponsoring & Acquisitions


Melissa Bakker - Acquisitiecommissie

Melissa Bakker

Sponsoring & Acquisitions


Naam - acquisitiecommissie

Nadine ter Harmsel (she/her)

Sponsoring & Acquisitions