Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Borrel Committee

The Borrel Committee (BoCo) is one of the most important committees of A.S.V.Gay. The BoCo is present every Wednesday at the drinks of A.S.V.Gay to take care of the cloakroom for all members. In addition, the BoCo ensures that there is a themed borrel every month, such as the Sinterklaas drink that was organized last December. In order to organize a themed borrel, we look at which theme fits on that date. After this, a promotional text will be written about the announcement of the themed borrel for the Facebook page and the app of A.S.V.Gay. In addition to promoting the themed borrel, the BoCo is responsible for the decoration of Amstel Fifty Four before everyone comes. What is still planned for this year remains a secret, but it will be super fun!

Mail us: borrel@asvgay.nl