Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Introduction weekend committee (Ontrozingscommissie)

The Ontrozingscommittee organizes an awesome introduction weekend twice a year, with an unique theme, for new members of A.S.V.Gay! During the weekend we play crazy games, have an open stage and the famous beer rally takes place.

This year the organization is in the hands of Doornjoostje and the seven lesbians!


Hi my name is Joost, better known as Doornjoostje, the evil twin brother of Doornroosje. In my free time I like to use the spinning wheel and do I learn to fight with swords. My goal in life is to take over all the kingdoms in the world and to cut the throat of Doornroosje. She’s really a whining bitch. I don’t care how much poison is on the spinning wheel, you don’t pass out like a pussy. Within A.S.V.Gay I’m trying to gather an army of unicorns to take over the straight world of Doornroosje.

Hi I’m Luna and that’s my name because I’m the child of the moon spirit. During full moon my spirit travels to to moon to make women do batshit crazy things for three days in a row. I do this while running naked in with warrior arts on my face made from the blood of drag queens. During the weekend I’m hoping to find new drag talents so I can get a blood transfusion from them.

Hi I am Laurie Woodman and this is my name because I’ve been born in the dessert. My mom is a cactus and my dad is a Tusken raider. In my free time I work in my garden. I’m really good at gardening if I say so. Because I have been born in the dessert I barely give my plants or myself any water. My plants can stay alive for almost 5 days without any water. My record is 7! Guinness World Book of Records here I come! I am completely sure that the government poisoned the drinking water and that we’ll die if we drink it. My personal mission is to convince everyone in A.S.V.Gay to stop drinking water!

Hi! I am Marissa, child of Hebe; goddess of youth. My father is a life sized baby born®️. Every 25 years I am reborn as a new version of myself. Often I take things from my past lives with me into the next. I speak many languages and have some animal like quirks. In one of my past lives I was an ibex and I go all crazy with my head when I get a trigger. Just last Wednesday I mistook the toilet door for a fence and I almost got stuck! By far my favorite live was the one I spent as a noblewoman in the Middle Ages. I also love dressing up and my ultimate Ontrozing goal is to throw the biggest dress-up party ever!

Hi, I am Ifi and in my free time I’m a time traveler and captain of my own spaceship ‘datthongthuthonhthuthong’. Because I’m a version of myself from the future, I’m actually not a member anymore but I infiltrated this committee so I can learn the secrets of the ‘gayspray’. I need this so I can defeat the villain ‘nivagunagivuhup’ and prevent the 99th world war. Tabeeeeee.

In this realm they call me Ayla, but because of different lives in different universes where I’m called something else, I sometimes forget my name. I’ve done a lot of different things in all my lives. For instance, I’ve learned all about being a drag queen in Uranus, I’ve wrestled Honus bears (those are creatures that look like bears and call all women ho’s) and I’ve brewed beer for Queen "Pussymawpaw". All this knowledge I’d like to share with new members and that’s why I’m in the Ontrozing committee. I also make money working as a drag queen, but don’t tell Luna because she will take my blood.

Heuuu I am Marieke and I’m the spirit of carnaval. Sadly I can only use my carnaval spirit powers during carnaval. This is why I have an alarm set that tells me every day how many days are left until carnaval and why I iron my prince carnaval suit every night. I joined A.S.V.Gay to improve my alcohol tolerance, as of now I get drunk after three beers, which brings dishonor upon my carnaval family. Because I’m the spirit of carnaval, I’m immortal as long as carnaval exists. So it’s one of my duties to infect everyone with the C-virus so they go absolutely crazy during this joyous fertility festival and it will exist forever. One infects people with this virus by putting a drop of pee of the high fertility spirit in their beer. I know that, in any case, many will be converted during Ontrozing.

My name is Christel, better known as vigilant Chriatel. As Chriatel I fight crime by using my magical unicorn powers. This means that I can open my mouth and a unicorn horn comes out of it. I got my powers for Gaywitje last year by exchanging a Carmex kiss. This year I want a Carmex kiss from Doornjoostje to gain even more magical powers.

Mail us: ontrozing@asvgay.nl