Welcome to the Amsterdam Student Association Gay!

Parenthood can sometimes be quite stressful when your child starts studying, so let us take away a few of your worries with some information about who we are and what we do.


They've graduated from high school, registered for an educational institute in Amsterdam and booked their trip. Despite the reputation of the Amsterdam housing market, a student room was found fairly quickly and before you know it you are screwing IKEA furniture together in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Then the introduction week of the chosen educational institution starts, where your child is not only introduced to other students and the city of Amsterdam, but also to all Amsterdam student associations. If you have not studied or studied in a city where club life was less active, you may be wondering what membership in a student association actually entails and whether there is still time left for studying.

Student Life

Student associations in Amsterdam are very diverse: you will mainly find sports associations and socially-oriented associations, but there are also plenty of cultural, international and philosophical associations. With well over 300 members, A.S.V.Gay is one of the largest social student associations in Amsterdam. Entertainment is therefore our main priority, but we distinguish ourselves by offering our members the opportunity to build an informal and professional network. At A.S.V.Gay your child will get to meet many different new people, which will increase their social skills and enlarge their social network. But of course there is more than just drinking and having a large social network! Your child can develop themselves at our association and learn what university classes do not offer:

  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Management skills


A.S.V.Gay has many committees, such as the Acquisitions-, Travel- and the Website Committee. Your child can learn here, among other things, to maintain contact with companies and organisations, to organise events for large groups or even to program an entire website. In addition, there is the option of doing a board year at A.S.V.Gay. Because of these kinds of possibilities for extracurricular development, our members are already building their CV during their studies. The social network that has been built also makes finding a new room or an internship a breeze.

LGBTQ+ and student

The coming-out process is different for everyone, but whether it was easy or difficult, sharing this experience is a relief for many. For this reason, (prospective) students often look specifically for an LGBTQ+ student association. A.S.V.Gay offers LGBTQ+ students recognition and the feeling of being 'welcome' somewhere, which is often less or not present at other student associations. Because our members feel at home and feel that their gender identity or sexuality is accepted by our association, their student experience is also a lot more fun!

A.S.V.Gay has a unique position among the Amsterdam student associations: we are of course a social student association, but we are also an LGBTQ+ organisation. We are sponsored by a number of hospitality establishments and employment agencies, but we are also in contact with COC, PANN and Amsterdam Pride.

A.S.V.Gay and studying

A.S.V.Gay has no compulsory activities or hazing, takes exam periods into account when planning activities and our members often study together. The start of your child's student days can be a tumultuous period for them: new classes, a new house, new friends, and so on. This is where a student association can step in, because there your child will interact with other students who run into the same issues and so they can motivate and help each other.

Friends of A.S.V.Gay

Would you like to support A.S.V.Gay? That's possible! Starting from 10 euros you can become a friend of A.S.V.Gay. As friend of A.S.V.Gay u support the association in organising fun, impactful and educational activities. For more information, go here.

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