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Information for parents

Het ouderschap is soms al stressvol genoeg wanneer uw kind gaat studeren, dus laat ons een paar van uw zorgen wegnemen met wat uitleg over wie wij zijn en wat wij doen.

📚 Studying

They've graduated from high school, registered for an educational institute in Amsterdam and booked their trip. Despite the reputation of the Amsterdam housing market, a student room was found fairly quickly and before you know it you are screwing IKEA furniture together in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Then the introduction week of the chosen educational institution starts, where your child is not only introduced to other students and the city of Amsterdam, but also to all Amsterdam student associations. If you have not studied or studied in a city where club life was less active, you may be wondering what membership in a student association actually entails and whether there is still time left for studying.

ALBA | 2019
Pride | 2018
Gala | 2019