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Monthly Calendar February 2024

During this Kweekweek, 'Secret Societies' take center stage. I'd love to tell you more, but unfortunately I’m not allowed. Intrigued by what's on the monthly calendar? Then quickly sign up for the introduction week and discover more! What I can tell you is that this entire month is filled with activities that you're bound to fall in LOVE with - literally. I'm definitely singing - I mean, jumping - with excitement because our annual gala is just a few sleeps away. Have you got your ticket yet? And more importantly: a date? It's not too late to show up in a stunning pink outfit to the Valentine's borrel and find that +1 for your Night at the Opera. Or will you join us for love, laughs, or lust in Delft for the Valentine's Date Dinner?

For more information about these activities, check out our social media or our A.S.V.Gay app (for members). NB: most of these activities are only for our members. We're organizing open activities from January 24!

Monthly calendar February