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The Association

A.S.V.Gay is the student association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students.

With over 300 members, A.S.V.Gay is one of the larger social associations in Amsterdam and also the largest LGBTQ+ student association in the country.

Every Wednesday our members get together at our weekly borrel. We sing, we dance and we toast!

If you feel so inclined, our dedicated borrel buddies are there to introduce you to our association. Sign up via borrelbuddy@asvgay.nl or the pink button in the bottom right corner and we'll see you soon.

Get to know LGBTQ+ students in Amsterdam and have an unforgettable time as a student at A.S.V.Gay!

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In addition to our weekly borrels, we organise many other activities throughout the year. Parties, trips, sporting activities and our own boat in the Canal Parade during Amsterdam Pride – you'll find all of it at A.S.V.Gay!

Current Events

A.S.V.Gay organises all kinds of activities for its members each month and is also socially involved with the LGBTQ+ community of Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

It is currently the open period of the clubs of A.S.V.Gay. Clubs are groups within A.S.V.Gay who come together outside of the regular activities, usually in a certain theme or based on a shared interest.

A.S.V.Gay currently has six clubs: the Bridge, the club focused on international members, Chaotic Queers, the Dungeons and Dragons club, Philia, the cultural "gezelligheids" club, the Rhapsodies, the club focused on making music together, Trans+, the club for transgender, nonbinary, gender-questioning and gender non-conforming members, and Z.O.O.S, the traditional club.

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